How To Avoid That Extra Charge on Urgent 2K

How To Avoid That Extra Charge on Urgent 2K

Without mincing words, you’ll agree with me that there is always something exciting on the KongaPay side of life. You are either getting perks and bonuses or enjoying a 5% discount on bill payments, Cable TV subscriptions, airtime and data top-ups and electricity bills.

Now, think about all the hassles and charges that come with maintaining a bank account. The weekly maintenance charge and electronic money transfer levies – can never be KongaPay.

On the KongaPay side of life, there are no unnecessary or hidden fees or charges. You don’t have to pay exorbitant charges to transfer as little as that urgent 2k. It’s all seamless, reliable and quick transactions.

Here are some benefits of transacting on KongaPay 

Quick Signup: Transactions are a lot easier on KongaPay, and it starts with a quick signup.

Recurring Payment: Let’s lift the burden of manually making monthly payments. Automate it.

Seamless Process: Life is good but could be better without stress. Experience a hassle-free and fast way of transacting without an extra charge.