Zealot S78 Monster Sound with Impeccable Bass

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Prepare to be blown away by the Zealot S78 Bluetooth Speaker, a true powerhouse of sound and innovation. With an astounding 150 watts of output, an incredible 60-hour playback time, mesmerizing RGB lights, a colossal 24000mAh battery, thunderous wavy bass, a robust weight of 4.2kg, and the ability for dual pairing of two separate speakers, this speaker sets a new standard for wireless audio.

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Introducing the Zealot S78 Bluetooth Speaker: Where Power Unities with Performance! The S78 is the upgraded sound version of Zealot’s best-selling S67, which has since won the hearts of many customers. Weighing about 4.2g and crafted with a mixture of both metal and plastic material for that unique outlook that captures every entertainment mind, it is a must-have. Prepare to be blown away by the Zealot S78, the true powerhouse of sound and innovation. Featuring a jaw-dropping 150 watts of output, the Zealot S78 delivers sound that’s not just heard but felt with its sublime vibration. With a 60-hour-hourback time, you can keep the music going for days without needing to recharge. Say goodbye to interruptions and enjoy your favorite tracks non-stop. The colossal 24000mAh battery ensures that your speaker is ready to rock whenever and wherever you are. It’s not just a speaker; it’s a magnificent powerhouse. Experience bass like never before with thunderous, wavy bass that adds depth and richness to your music. Feel the vibrations and immerse yourself in every beat. It’s a statement of purpose that commands attention and respect.

The Zealot S78 Bluetooth Speaker isn’t just an audio device; it’s an audio experience like no other. With its 150W output, 60-hour playback, RGB lights, massive battery, thunderous bass, substantial weight, and dual pairing capability, the Zealot S78 Bluetooth Speaker redefines what’s possible in wireless audio. Experience the future of sound today. Get yours now and let the music speak for itself!


1. Bluetooth version: 5.2
2. Talk / Play time: about 60 hours on a low tempo (50%)
3. Charge time: about 2 hours
4. Battery capacity: 24000mAH
5. Dual Pairing
6. Output power: 150watts
7. RGB Lights



Caution: Important Usage Guidelines for Your Bluetooth Speaker

  1. Avoid Plugging While Playing: Do not connect the speaker to a power source while it is actively playing audio, as this may damage the motherboard. Ensure the speaker is disconnected before attempting to charge.
  2. Charging Protocol: Always disconnect the Bluetooth speaker immediately after it is fully charged to prevent potential damage to the internal components and ensure optimal performance.
  3. Battery Usage: The lithium battery is designed for speaker functionality. Refrain from using the speaker as a primary power bank for your devices; it is intended for emergency use only to extend battery life.
  4. Waterproof, Not Water Resistant: This Bluetooth speaker is waterproof, but not merely water-resistant. Exercise caution to prevent water ingress and ensure the longevity of the device. Avoid submerging it in water for extended periods.

Follow these guidelines to maximize the lifespan and performance of your Bluetooth speaker.


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